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Oh So Lonely

[caption id="attachment_274" align="alignright" width="128"] I am soo lonely[/caption] Oh, I am soo lonely. There are only a handful of people I think about everyday and if you were invited to this blog you made this prestigious list. I've been meaning to call everybody while I was here but sometimes I feel better when I don't call people because I feel sad after talking to them and it is easier to ignore p ...

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Movin’ on up

With the family gone, I needed something to occupy my time so I decided to move to the resort across the street. I had a med school friend who lived there who said a couple places were opening up. The places were small one bedrooms where the living room was also the kitchen. But being alone, I really did not need much space. The price was $600/month which was only $50 more per month than what I was currentl ...

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Departure Day

I dreaded the day my wife and kid were going to leave the island. We had a birthday party my daughter at a local restaurant that served Middle Eastern food on Saturday. It was mainly all students in my school and some University staff. The closest person to my daughter’s age was a 12 year old that was one of the the staff member's sister. It was fun and sad, knowing this was the next to last day with Hibah ...

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