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30 day study schedule for Step 1


30 Day Study Schedule

30 Day Study Schedule


Here is a 30 Day Study Schedule session that I have for you.To achieve sure success in USMLE Step 1 the idea of doing it over the last 30 days.

Sample 30 Day Study Schedule : Organ Systems Based


Morning (9-12 AM)

Afternoon (1-4 PM)

Evening (7-11 PM)

Day 1: Mon



Day 2: Tues

Pulm:Embryo, Anat, Phys

Pulm: Path, Pharm

Pulm: Micro


Day 3: Wed

Cardio: Embryo, Anat

Cardio: Phys

Cardio: Micro

Day 4: Thurs

Cardio: Path

Cardio: Pharm


Day 5: Fri

GI: Embryo, Anat, Histo

GI: Phys

GI: Micro

Day 6: Sat

GI: Path

GI: Pharm


Day 7: Sun

Catch up/Review/Break

Day 8: Mon

GU: Embryo, Anat

Male repro: Phys, Path

GU: Micro


Day 9: Tues

Endocrine & Female Repro: Phys


Day 10: Wed

Endocrine & Female Repro: Path, Pharm


Day 11: Thurs

Renal: Embryo, Anat

Renal: Phys


Day 12: Fri

Renal: Path

Renal: Pharm


Day 13: Sat

Early embryology, branchial arches, basic histo


Day 14: Sun

Catch up/Review/Break

Day 15: Mon

Path: apoptosis, neoplasia

Oncology: Path, Pharm


Day 16: Tues

Heme: Histo/Phys

Heme: Path


Day 17: Wed


Immuno Pharm

HIV: Micro, Pharm

Day 18: Thurs

Rheumatology: Path

MSK/Derm: Path

MSK/Derm: Micro

Day 19: Fri

Behavioral Science

Day 20: Sat

Practice Exam, Kaplan


Day 21: Sun

Catch up/Review/Break

Day 22: Mon

Neuro: Embryo, Anat

Neuro: Phys

Neuro: Micro

Day 23: Tues

Neuro: Path

Neuro: Pharm


Day 24: Wed

Micro Review

Day 25: Thurs

Pharm Review

Day 26: Fri

Review First Aid/QBank & QBook Practice Questions

Day 27: Sat

Review First Aid/QBank & QBook Practice Questions

Day 28: Sun

Review First Aid/QBank & QBook Practice Questions

Day 29: Mon

USMLE Released Items


Day 30: Tues

Take the boards


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