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Clinical rotations: Fourth Year Electives

Fourth Year Electives clinical rotations

clinical rotations


Make the most of your clinical rotations. Remember that all rotations serve as month long interviews. Do not leave your guard down.

Remember that residents have a say in who they work with it. At a minimum, a resident can prevent you from getting an offer so remember to keep them happy. Keep the program coordinator happy. With that said, make the most of your electives. Do each elective at a different hospital so you can get exposure. On paper, you are another Caribbean student. Sometimes the only way you will be able to separate yourself from the bottom of the pack is to do so in person.

Just remember a few things clinical rotations:

1. Many places require that your core clerkships are done before you can eligible for an elective so do those.

2. Make sure you do them before rank order lists are in for the ERAS match. Ideally, you should be done with away electives by January or February at the latest.

Here is a list of places that I put together that take Caribbean students. Some places do not and some places do not explicitly forbid Caribbean students but do not like taking them. I had a rotation setup for the U of Michigan. I had an approval from the head of the department, and a low level employee in the administrative office rejected it because they said they had a Caribbean student recently who did not perform well so they are reluctant to take any more.
So be prepared for some rejections, as with anything in life.


chart (elective_options)











Here is an incomplete list I used. There are more places so call and verify. The fees may have changed. I pulled these off a website but I cannot remember which one.

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