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Confirmation of Certified ROL


Certified ROL (Rank Order List)


I was paranoid about certifying the rank order list (ROL). The NRMP site was designed poorly in my opinion. When you create your rank order list, you have to certify the list for the system to actually consider it valid. To certify it, you have to hit a button near the top that says: Certify. Once you have done this, your status says something about having a Certified ROL and the certified button is gone. The changes on the screen are subtle and took me a few seconds to realize that I had properly certified the list and the system captured it.

My paranoia comes from the fact that you still can change the list and the instant you change anything on your list, you have decertified the list and now do not have an official list in the system so if the deadline comes for submitting your ROL and you have not certified it, you will NOT match because you have not ranked any program. And because you did not rank any program, you now are not eligible for the scramble. The system makes it very easy to make changes. I was paranoid I would accidentally click on a button and change something unknowingly, decertify my list, and then of course not match. Of course, the only way to make sure that did not happen is to log into NRMP and check, thereby setting yourself up for the same problem.

Fortunately, my list was certified properly and I matched. My suggestion is to certify your list, print the list, log out, wait for the confirmation email that your list has been certified, and then DO NOT log in again until it is time to see if you matched.

My suggestions for the NRMP website:

Once a student enters a list, at the time of the deadline, it should automatically capture whatever list has been entered even if it is not certified. I assume there are a handful of people every year who either create a list and did not realize they needed to certify it or those who create a list, certify it, inadvertently change something on their list thereby decertifying it, and then in both cases, they do not match.

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