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USMLE general Study Tips

USMLE general Study Tips

USMLE general Study Tips


USMLE general Study Tips for you:

  1. Distractions are the worst enemy of efficient studying. Avoid them at all costs!! Stay far away from the computer except for using Q Banks. That includes emails as well. Just set up a vacation message in your email so others will understand. In your study period, especially towards the end, make sure you do nothing else except study, eat, drink, use bathroom, and sleep.
  2. Set realistic goals. Do not set reading plans that you cannot possibly fulfill. Even then, you will inevitably fall behind at time. Let it not discourage you, but catch up as soon as you can. If you finish a task before schedule, great! Don’t use that as excuse to do something fun, however. Instead, start doing the next item on the list immediately. Trust me, you will fall behind eventually, so you should get an early start to prepare for that.
  3. Sometimes the questions in USMLE World can be tough. Be not dismayed, but rather use that as motivation to study even harder to overcome it.
  4. With any review book you decide to use, please set your own schedule so you can eventually read all of it at least once before you take the exam. You don’t want to be held accountable for knowing something on exam day that you did not read, but could have.
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