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Medical School: Dont Be Like Me

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Just like the title says, do not be like me. Really, it would be impossible to be like me. I went to medical school (basic sciences) with about 20 per semester with new students every semester so about 160 students at given time. I knew based on my interactions with each of them that I was smarter than 95% of the them.

I define smarter a little different than most. First off, I think people are either capable of being smart or developmentally delayed. Either you start with a full plate or for whatever reason ie, trauma, congenital, etc, you simply have a lower IQ base score. For those with normal IQs, I think the only differentiated factor is work ethic and determination.

I can give a good example. We had a huge Thanksgiving feast a restaurant after Thanksgiving in early December 1 week before final exams started. From what I heard, I was the only one who skipped it to study. The majority got drunk which partially wiped out the next day to recover.

Most of the kids were in the caribbean Medical School because their parents wanted them there. The Caribbean should really be for people like me. It should be for people determined to be a doctor and have electively chosen to go to the Caribbean due to their life circumstances. So in essence the subject is a lie, you should be like me. You should go to the Caribbean if your life situation tells you that is the better option. Dont be like everyone else and think that it is an easy route around going to a US medical school. I hear multiple times a week how a parent uses me as an example of how if I can do, their kid can do it. I take it is as part insult and part stupidity. Nobody has my determination and it did not come easy. I chose not to visit with one of my best friends from childhood who I am now lucky to see once a year because my Step 1 was in 2 weeks. Would you do the same? Would you simply say you would meet for an hour? To me, that hour was too valuable, my friend understood. In a year when I am done with my residency, I can fly and see her when I want.

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