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Residency Over

My residency is finally over. If felt like a 5 year residency however it was only 3 years. I busted my tail the whole time. I left feeling underappreciated especially after my final review. I had lots of complaints ready for my last review but I held back. I had to think about all I went through and think about all the Caribbean students who never match. I still thanked my program directors during our graduation ceremony while on stage via the microphone. I will not miss most of the residents. I will however miss some of the attendings and nurses and other staff.

Residency Over

My last day ended well. I was with an attending in the nursery who is simply awesome. She was my attending my first day of residency as well so the symmetry was beautiful. It was around 4pm with no impending deliveries, no issues with the current babies, no notes pending, no circs pending. She said to me: Name, I would normally tell you to go home right now but it is your last day, and I do not want to because I will miss having you around.

Honestly, I could have cried. A simple sweet gesture of appreciation was an amazing way to leave residency. Then off I went on my bicycle home and on to 3 weeks of vacation before I start my job. I came back later and smoked a celebratory cigar in the hospital parking lot at night with a nurse and tech who were awesome to me during the 3 years.

The residency journey is done although I am awaiting official paperwork to be sure. Goal accomplished!

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