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The Reality of the Caribbean School

Caribbean School

The Reality of the Caribbean School


The Reality of the Caribbean School – The stigma is that Caribbean students are dumber than students who go to American schools. The reality I think is much different with a caveat.

I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person. Heck I am a card carrying Mensa member. Life issues took me to the Caribbean. I have done well. I am now a 2nd year resident. As a 2nd year resident, we get students in our service all the time. Some of them are complete morons. Some have no social skills. Some lack common sense. Some have no book knowledge at least when in person. I assume these people did ok on written exams, at least I hope. I see many a student that I know would not even be considered a good Caribbean student. Ultimately I wonder how these people got residencies.

As for the Caribbean students. Some are/were complete morons. Daddy forced them there and they thought they could take a 6 week Kaplan course to make up for the fact that they did not study for 2 years. Fortunately, these people quickly get weeded out and never make it to be eligible for the match. But I truly think, from my limited experience, that those students who make it to the match, are on par, if not better, than the US students. To make it that far, you have to be a survivor. And survival is what I think is essential for residency. Unfortunately, many of the Caribbean students never actually match and so their skills die off like a shark on land.

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Good luck!

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