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The slow death of the Caribbean Medical Schools

Caribbean Medical Schools

Caribbean Medical Schools

1. First off, many states are following the California list. If you are not aware, the California list is a list of approved medical schools. It basically includes all the US schools, every other country’s schools except a handful in the Caribbean schools. My school was not on the Caribbean list so what does that mean. It means you can never get a license in California or any state that adopts it. I called the California state board to see if there were any exceptions but there were not. They said rarely a school will be approved retroactively but that is very very rare. Essentially, California has their own accreditation.

2. New York has weird rules and for most Caribbean students you cannot get a residency in NY but you can work there afterwards. They simply do not want to subsidize your residency education. Certain schools who have agreements there are under pressure and may lose their ability to place 3rd year medical students which will flood other states. See this article: Medical Schools in Region Fight Caribbean Flow

3. Death in 2023: See this article by ECFMG: ECFMG to Require Medical School Accreditation for International Medical School Graduates Seeking Certification Beginning in 2023

which states:

Caribbean Medical Schools


has announced that, effective in 2023, physicians applying for ECFMG Certification will be required to graduate from a medical school that has been appropriately accredited. To satisfy this requirement, the physician’s medical school must be accredited through a formal process that uses criteria comparable to those established for U.S. medical schools by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or that uses other globally accepted criteria, such as those put forth by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

Slowly but surely many of the Caribbean medical schools will die off since they cannot meet similar standards as put forth by LCME

4. Increased US DO and MD schools. More US applicants for residencies while the number of residency spots stays the same. The Caribbean students are the bottom of the barrel and even US students who do not appear to be qualified and have no social skills will often times get spots ahead of others who are from the Caribbean.

Good Luck, it is a tough world out there.

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  • Norma Fay

    I am going to UMHS, a great medical school in the caribbean this fall. This information is really helpful. UMHS has a really strong program and I love their campus. The island itself seems great too.


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