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What are Caribbean students like?


Caribbean students


Were you ever a member of the Indian Student Association at any University. This is what your whole medical school will be. Almost every medical school in the Caribbean is heavily weighted to Indo Paks. I would estimate about 90%. You’ll see heavy advertising in Indian hot spots like Zee TV and TV Asia and publications for Indians. 90% of these Caribbean students are American Born Confused Desi s (ABCD) from either the US or Canada.

Why so many Indians? Easy. For many Indian parents and kids, you are either a doctor or you are a nobody. That is the mentality that is prevalent in the US and in India. If you become an engineer, lawyer, investment banker or something else, they will assume you simply could not get into medical school.

This is where Caribbean schools help out. Admission requirements are low so parents and children alike can postpone the reality that the child is simply too dumb and lacks the discipline to ever get passed the USMLE Step 1. Fortunately, the dream can be pushed another two years because many universities will allow you to do some rotations in some US hospitals without passing Step 1.

For most of the Caribbean students, it is the first time they have been out of their parents houses and they mostly have lived sheltered lives. So now, they find themselves in the Caribbean, completely unsupervised and just party all the time. There are parties almost every day, organized ISA type functions almost every weekend.

All the while, back in the US or Canada, the parents can tell people that their son is in medical school, keeping their social status alive.

White Americans do not come because they will try to go to an American school. If they do not succeed initially, they will try and try again for a few years until they give up and move on to another field. This is the smart way to approach it.

In my case, being older than most, I didn’t want to deal with the admission cycle of the US schools which would have essentially delayed my entry into school for about 2 years.

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  • Norma Fay

    I think that medical school in the caribbean is a good option. I actually decided to apply to a few of the accredited school at the same time I applied to a few US options. I didn’t want to wait to get started and there are options out there that give you the same level of training you would get in the US or even more.


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