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bad things people do in Caribbean to pass time

The bad things people do in Caribbean to pass time:

1. Drink heavily. Drinking is not for me but as with everything, it should be done in moderation. Unfortunately, for many students, this is there first time living in an unsupervised environment. If you combine that with peer pressure and no minimum drinking age, the need to drink is strong. There is always a group of people who will drink everyday and most students will drink heavily at least twice a week.


Bad things people do in Caribbean

2. Cocaine: The island government does not seem to care much about who sells or uses cocaine. My theory is that the islands are transportation hubs for cocaine coming from South America. Sometimes you might go to a big restaurant on a Saturday night and be the only people in the restaurant. So somehow the restaurant is making their money somehow, and I think it is transporting cocaine. I do not have any evidence for this, it is purely conjecture. One student who used cocaine every day before class told me what he could get on the island for $8, would cost him $80 in the US, and the island cocaine was of much better quality. Even I knew the general locations of the 2 cocaine shacks where you could get cocaine. My last day on the island, I bought a cigar from the corner store attached to my strip mall that I lived in. A car pulled up to me with students from the other medical school. They asked about my cigar and then all of a sudden asked if I wanted some cocaine and showed it to me. I backed away scared. It was about 2pm in a busy parking lot.

3. Prostitutes: $40 for a ½ hour. Many of the students knew exactly when the new batch of girls were coming in, which occurred once a month. The came from South America. Most of the prostitutes did their shopping at the grocery store next to our place so I would see them on a daily basis. I could not get any of them to say hello to me. It is the ultimate rejection when a prostitute will not say hello to you. I guess in moderation, sleeping with prostitutes is probably not such a bad thing. A date with a girl will cost you at least that with no guarantee of sex afterwards.

4. Not studying: Most of the students simply cram for the exam. You can get by this way and pass all your classes but how much are you actually retaining. And why then, are you studying medicine. Some even go as far as hanging out with the professors who will then provide insight into what will be on the exam.

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