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California, California, in the city…

California, California, in the city...

Finally, I can get a medical license in California. California must have realized there is a massive shortage and allowed us in. During medical in 2010, I spoke with the California Medical Board to see if any exceptions could be made to get a residency and then eventually a full medical license in the state of California. They met decided there were no loopholes. They had an approved list of Medical and basically, it was an easy way to excludes schools in certain regions of the world.

However, apart from your major city centers like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego; California suffers from the same issues as other parts of the US with a massive shortage of physicians. It was funny how several years ago, Arkansas tried to adopt the California medical school list even though nobody from anywhere wants to live in Arkansas and not surprisingly, a massive shortage of physicians became even worse and became a crisis so they had to scrap that list and open it up to any medical school

The dumb part about being selective about medical schools is that its all garbage in garbage out. Everybody has to take the USMLE exams so compare people on that. Take Michigan State University’s medical school for instance. Their classes are pass-fail and better yet, they have videos of previous year lectures. So most of the students I know that have gone through that program start off with good intent to go to class but then it gets cold and slowly people stop going. I talked to one of the pathology professors who was complaining that in a lecture with 200 people, only about 20 people show up in the winter.

So I argue how it makes any difference where you go to school. Motivated students do well anywhere and bad ones stay bad…garbage in garbage out.

So I’m pleasantly surprised that California wised up… The good thing for me has never had any intent of moving to California and still do not and I still hate most California universities.

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