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Funny Things during the Interview Season and in the Hospitals

Here are some funny things I have seen or heard during my clerkships and interview season :

I always smirk when I hear, “Does she put out?”

An applicant interviewing for a residency position at the dinner the night before an interview with several of the residents takes food off a resident’s plate and eats it without asking permission. My only guess is that she thought such an action would show that she is comfortable with the resident. The residents, who collectively had one vote, put her at the bottom of the stack.

During an away rotation, one other student told the chief resident that he just wanted any residency in that particular specialty, he did not care where. I do know this student did not get an interview at this program but I cannot say if he did not get it because of this comment.

Funny Things during the Interview Season and in the Hospitals

An applicant who was invited for an interview confided with me, another applicant, saying that he only received a total of two interview offers. As the interview day began, he told every person in the interview process that he had to leave early and to make sure things stayed on time. I assumed his other interview was the next day and he was panicking about missing his flight. He told me during lunch that he did not want to miss the bus which was taking him to go visit his aunt who lived a few hours away. I’m guessing he won’t rank well at this program.

An applicant in an interview was asked why he did not show up for the dinner the night before. She stated that she thought she might be able to make it but then ran late and did not have the number of the program coordinator to call to say she would not be able make it. The program coordinator had emailed her cellphone just for this purpose. Translation, this applicant is impolite, unorganized, and neglectful.

Program coordinator emails 3 times asking if any applicant had any special dietary requirements for the lunch on the interview day. At the time of the lunch, one vegetarian applicant asks for a vegetarian meal even though he never requested one. The program coordinator asked why he did not email her this request when she asked. He did not answer. The residency director was also in the room at this time as were some of the residents who were joining us for lunch. One of the residents started saying how it is not right that there are not more vegetarian options. Long story short, answer the program coordinator‘s emails. Long story shorter, do not upset the program coordinator. Long story shortest: do not upset the program coordinator with other people present. I can guarantee this person will not get a spot in this program.

At lunch during the interview day at a table with all the applicants and several residents, one applicant stated that she took one year off and sat around and watched reality television for the whole year.

I applied to a program through ERAS and did not hear back from them. As I do for any program, I emailed them directly to ask for the status of my application. The program coordinator‘s email came back undeliverable. I emailed the program director who responded that their hospital shut down a year ago so they no longer have a residency program. What she failed to mention was why they are still active in ERAS. I assume they get a percentage of the application fee and ERAS stated that the burden is on the student to verify the availability of positions listed in ERAS so I had no recourse. A nice money-making scam.

I saw one resident cry to the point where she had to leave the room during morning report when another resident asked how dinner was.

I saw two residents show up to a restaurant crying after an attendant offered to take out all the residents and the lone student, me, for lunch. We all jumped into people’s cars and went to the restaurant while the two criers went to the bathroom and nobody waited for them. The restaurant was about one mile from the hospital so they had to drive themselves.

Add your funny moments in the comments below.

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