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I have successfully matched

I have successfully matched but I thought I would get my top choice but I did not. Although, I did get one I wanted. There were a couple places where even though I listed them on my rank list, I would have been disappointed to get them.

This whole weekend was depressing. I fully understanding that only about 50% of Caribbean students match and my guess is that only about 50% of those Caribbean students make it to the match so if you start off in the Caribbean you probably have about a 25% chance of successfully matching into any residency. So, the first thing most people will say is you should consider yourself lucky. Well, I do not, and I will never think that way.

I certainly do not think I am better or smarter than other applicants but I do think I have a more impressive resume and I know I interview well. At my top choice, the Program Director told me that it was refreshing to see someone who gets it and he said my background was similar to his. The Associate Program Director said I reminded him of himself. He also went over the allotted time for the interview despite repeated protests by the Program Coordinator to simply tell me about the town. I got along very well with the residents I met. I thought I was a shoe in for this a spot here but they only had about 6 or so spots and I did not get it.


At my second choice, I was told by an attending and the Program Director that my personal statement was the best one they had ever read. The PD said she never met anyone with such passion and repeated that in an email later. One of the interviewers told the Program Director that he wanted to talk to me for another two hours. One attending said I had to come to their program, as it was a perfect fit.

So, I got my third choice. My third choice was the last of my desirable places. The other places I would have mixed feelings. So in that sense, I am happy. Now my sadness comes because I thought I had a spot in my first choice, and I did not get it. I was mentally prepared to go to my first choice.

I equate this to having 3 beautiful women, 3 ok women, and 2 ugly women all tell you they want to have sex with you but you can only pick one of them. Well, of course, you will pick the hottest one. Later you come to find out the hottest two picked some other chumps when you thought they only wanted you. But alas, you still get one hot chick, just not the one you were ready for so after a couple days, you realize, I’m with a hot chick.

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