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MSPE from NW

Here is a sample Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE) from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Take a look, submit your email at the bottom to receive the full pdf.


MSPE from NW

Identifying Information

John Student Doe is a fourth-year student at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.

Unique Characteristics

John Doe is a member of our Honors Program in Medical Education. He was accepted to this program during the final year of high school on the basis of his outstanding academic record plus evidence of maturity and motivation towards a career in medicine. Following an accelerated premedical program, including one year at the London School of Economics, John Doe entered the freshman medical class. Although John Doe’s undergraduate degree is in Medicine much of his education was in economics and history of Asia.

Over the course of his education, John Doe has accumulated broad range of experiences that have enhanced his commitment to the medical profession. He contributed a great deal of time and energy to extra-curricular programs, committee assignments and humanitarian projects in the community. These experiences have influenced him on both personal and professional levels. His humainitarian efforts at three different health clinics provided him with the rewarding experience of utilizing his knowledge and skills to come to the aid of underserved community members. In addition, John Doe gained valuable leadership experience while serving on the Honors Program in Medical Education Selection Committee. This was a beneficial experience for John Doe where he was able to assist and provide advice to prospective meddical students by sharing his experience and perspectives regarding medical school.

Academic History

Date of Expected Graduation from Medical School:            May 2010

Date of Initial Matriculation in Medical School:                 August 2006

Please explain any explain any extensions, leave(s) of absence, gap(s), or break(s) in the student’s educational program.                                      Not applicable


For transfer students:                                                       Not applicable

Date of Initial Matriculation in Prior Medical School:

Date of Transfer from Prior Medical School:

For dual/joint/combined degree students:

Date of Initial Matriculation in other degree program:     2003

Date of Expected graduation from other degree program: 2010

Type of other degree program:                                                 BA/MD

Was this student required to repeat or otherwise            No

Remediate any coursework during his/her medical education?

Was this student the recipient of any adverse action(s) by   No

the medical school or its parent institution?

Professional Performance:

We have a assessed all students’ capabilities to meet standards for accountability, self-improvement and adaptability, appropriate relationship with patients, relationship with healthcare team, initiative, professional demeanor, and behavior under stress. Unless otherwise noted, all students have met the stated objectives for professionalism at Feinberg,

Academic Progress

John S. Doe earned grades of Pass in all preclerkship courses and recorded a score of 217 on Step I of the USMLE exam.

Preclinical/Basic Science Curriculum

(Details are provided in Appendix E.)

Care Clinical Clerkships

Following are the unedited narrative evalutions of John’s performance on the successive clerkships and electives, Appendix B Summarizes this information graphically.

Ob/Gyn’Summer’08 (6 Weeks)

John Doe is an excellent student. He is reliable, committed and inquisitive. He has good patient rapport and performs accurate and detailed history and physical. He forms good management plans and was an excellent team member. He performed well in stressful OR settings. He demonstrated good understanding of patients. He was always eager to help the residents while on labor and delivery. He has a positive, pleasant personality. We expect his enthusiasm and work ethic to carry him well in his medical career. Overall, John Doe put in a very good performance. His final grade for this clerkship is PASS.

Pediatrics’Summer’08 (6 Weeks)

During his six week pediatric clerkship John Doe rendered an excellent performance. His history taking skills were above average for his level of training. His write-ups and progress notes were complete and well organized. John Doe was eager to learn and asked intelligent questions. By the end of the rotation his inpatient team thought he functioned at the level of a sub-intern. John Doe got along extremely well with patients and their families. His fund of knowledge as assessed by the final examination was appropriate. On the basis of his performance we believe he will make an excellent house officer and physician. In summary, John Doe did an excellent job on the pediatrics service and receives a grade of High Pass

Medicine’Fall’08 (12 Weeks)

John Doe was an excellent student who was exceptionally hard working. His fund of knowledge assessed by his preceptors and the final exam was appropriate for his level of training. His oral presentations were ainitially throughout the rotation. He wrote a splendid case report on carcinoma meningitis, In summary, John Doe did an outstanding job on the surgery service and receives a grade of High Pass.


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