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I have exactly 7 days left in my medical school career. I am excited more than scared. My last day of last rotation is Monday which coincides with the day I find out if I matched. I will cut out early that day so I can check NRMP report from home since I really do not want to check while at the hospital. I want to cry or yell out in joy in my own domain.

Match day is technically on Thursday when you find out WHERE you are going but of course, as we all know, it is more important to find it IF you matched.

The way I have played the game, I am hoping to have to scramble for a PGY 1 spot. There are three responses I can get from the the match. There are a possible 6 total types of responses you could get depending on your particular scenario.

My Possible Scenarios

1. The dreaded: We are sorry, you did not match to any position!

Of course, this is the one everybody fears. It means I did not match with any program for any year and means I have to go through the scramble and basically hope lady luck is on my side even though it clearly was not on my side for the match.

2. My 2nd choice: Congratulations, you have matched!

This means that I have matched for the next 3 years so the next 3 years of my life are secured unless I am deemed to be incompetent. I won’t have to worry about my medical school transcripts ever again and I will no longer have to deal with the stigma of being from the Caribbean anymore.

3. My 1st choice i.e. what I am hoping for: Congratulations, you have matched to an advanced position but not a first year position!

So with this I will have to scramble into a preliminary program in surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics or ob/gyne. I’ll try for pediatrics first but there are only about 20 preliminary pediatric program and they will likely fill during the match. Half your open spots for the scramble are for preliminary programs so I am simply hoping to get a warm location and dream that it will be Hawaii. I did not interview for any prelim programs although I ranked a few so I would be eligible to scramble for them.

Other Scenarios for other folks

1. What I feared the most: You are NOT matched because you did not submit a certified rank order list!

I feared this one the most. I do not like the NRMP website and was fearful as you have read about undoing my certified rank list accidentally. Fortunately this didn’t happen and my list was certified so I do not have to worry about this one

2. You are NOT matched because you are withdrawn!

I guess this one could happen to me but I do not realistically think this will happen. This message will be displayed for any applicant who registered to participate in the Match but was withdrawn either by the medical school or by the NRMP. Applicants who were withdrawn by the NRMP because they obtained positions through another matching service will not have access to the Dynamic List of Unfilled Programs.

3. Congratulations, you have matched to a one-year position!

This one cannot happen to me since I did not rank any one year preliminary programs on my primary list.

So, now I wait. I hope to have to scramble for a preliminary year program and nothing else. I am confident that at worst I will get a full match. I will be happy either way.

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