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Residency Options for Caribbean Foreign Graduates

 Foreign Graduates

Residency Options for Caribbean Foreign Graduates

Residency Options for Caribbean Foreign Graduates:

So you went to the Caribbean for medical. Welcome back home and SURPRISE! you may not be able to work, much less get a residency in all states. Here is what I dug up on the internet. Some of the states you can practice in will depend on your university and the rules are often changing so this list is not updated. I found a few postings on various websites but here is on that seemed to have some good info:

States with weird rules
1. Kansas
-Medical school has to be in existence for 15 years before licensure is granted.
-This rule does not apply to residency applicants.
2. New Jersey
-At least four weeks of each core rotation has to be Greenbook.
-No clinical rotations possible in state for foreign schools except SGU and Ross.
-You have to sign and notorize a form saying that you completed premedical requirements and state where you completed them. But it doesn’t look like they check to see if you actually did or not.
3. New York
-60 credits of college required
-Only the core rotations done within New York State have to be Greenbook.
-Letter of Eligibility required before participating in clinical rotations
-Special permission from the board required before participating in away electives.
-Only 12 weeks of away electives permitted – all must be Greenbook.
4. Nevada
-Technically, Caribbean students cannot be licensed here because they follow the California
list, but if you have all greenbook cores and greenbook electives, you can appear before
the board and plead your case.

Restricted States

5. California
-Caribbean is not California approved, so graduates cannot complete residency or be licensed
here. California approval is generally not completely retroactive, though it can reach
back a few years, as in Saba’s case.
6. Alaska
-Follows the California list. Caribbean students cannot be licensed here.
7. Tennessee
-Follows the California list. Caribbean students cannot be licensed here.
States requiring all Greenbook rotations (cores and electives)
8. Delaware
9. Texas
-Schools which are on the Texas list (SGU and Ross) have automatic licensure approval.
Schools which are on the California disapproval list (SMU) have automatic licensure
-Caribbean is on neither list, so you must plead your case before the board individually.
-Requires 60 college credits
-Texas no longer requires students to complete an elective rotation in neurology
10. Pennsylvania
-They don’t like DO rotations

States requiring Greenbook cores
11. Alabama
-Must pass Step 3 in three attempts.
12. Arkansas
-Arkansas now follows the California list!
-At least one hospital in Arkansas does not allow Caribbean students to apply to it – it may be that Caribbean students can’t do residency in this state either, but I don’t feel like checking up on this since I can’t find Arkansas on the map.
13. Connecticut
14. District of Columbia
-Must pass Step 3 in three attempts.
15. Massachusetts
-Two years of college required.
16. Oklahoma
-Must pass each Step in three attempts.
17. Oregon
-Must pass each Step in three attempts.
18. Illinois
19. Michigan
-Temporary license for residency also requires Greenbook core rotations.
20. Utah
21. Virginia
-Family Medicine is not considered a core, and does not have to be Greenbook.
States which accept Bluebook rotations
22. Arizona
23. Colorado
24. Indiana
25. Iowa
-Must pass the first two Steps in six attempts and Step 3 in three attempts.
26. Montana
27. Nebraska
28. North Dakota
29. Ohio
30. Rhode Island
31. South Carolina
32. South Dakota
33. Vermont
34. West Virginia
-Must pass each Step in three attempts.
35. Wisconsin
36. Wyoming
37. Maryland
-Must pass east Step in four attempts.
States which do not scrutinize clinical rotations as long as 3 years of residency are completed
38. Florida
39. Georgia – Georgia is acting weird, with a member of their staff saying that they plan to follow California rules. I haven’t personally confirmed this, but I’m working on it.
-Requires 60 credits of college.
40. Kentucky
41. Maine
-Must pass Step 3 in three attempts.

This list was compiled in reference to Caribbean, but can be used for Xavier just take into account the NY and FL restrictions. Also, an update to this list is that Indiana now follows the CA list for licensing. Green rotations are always the better choice, licensure wise, as you can see you may be limited with the others.

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