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Things I Hated about the Caribbean


I hated about the Caribbean


There were many things I hated about the Caribbean. Some were unique to my situation and some were common to everyone.

     The biggest thing I hated was that I was alone. After a couple weeks in the Caribbean with my 3 year old daughter and wife, I told them to head back to the US. There was nothing there for my daughter. The schools were mainly in Dutch or the local language. There were not many parks. There were no sidewalks except right on the water’s edge. There were limited beaches, mainly coral. The mosquitoes were wreaking havoc with her. All in all, we expected European living but got Indian living. I figured by the time my daughter became acclimated to the place, it would be time to go back to the States. No need for her to suffer due to my choices. So, they went back.

     I hated the Indian living: dogs chasing me, huge mosquitoes, no central air. I’m used to the convenience of being American and I’m a spoiled ABCD. When I visited India, I can only handle it for a couple weeks before I longed to go home.

     I feel uncomfortable in places where I do not know the language. Many people spoke English but lots of people spoke the local language and Dutch. I don’t like to be in areas where I cannot communicate easily with everybody.

Things are expensive. Everything has to be imported. A 2-liter coke will cost you about $3.00. Decent internet service will cost you about $100/month. Groceries are expensive as are utilities and rent. The only thing that was cheap here was cocaine, which was not my scene.

I hated the students. I’m in my 30s and surrounded by students in their 20s. There were a couple students around my age but they were worse than the 20-year olds. I found a couple people I liked and stuck with them but I disliked the majority of the students.

     I hated being screwed over all the time. The local population hated the students and rightly so. Most of the students felt and acted as if they owned the island and treated most of the locals with a lack of respect. Consequently, the locals did not mingle well with the students. I cannot blame them. Businesses will try to take advantage of you given any opportunity. The customer service in the restaurants is horrible despite how courteous you may be. One good example was the internet company. I purchased a $150/month service for a certain speed. It took them over a month to install it even though they charged me for service from day one. I tested out the speed I was getting and it was under half of what I paid. I went to their office to get it fixed and was told to call the tech support number. So I called and they had support hours from 1pm to 2pm. I kid you not, it was 1 hour per day. So I called the next day during that time and all you get is voicemail asking for your info, which I left. Of course I did not receive a call back so I called again and again to no avail.

     Then I went back to the office and told them to change my plan to the plan that corresponds to the speed I was actually getting. They claimed that I was not allowed to downgrade my plan and said again that I had to contact technical support. I told them how many times I had and also asked them where in my paperwork it said I cannot downgrade. The lady said she had to talk to a manager and I had to come back in a couple days.

I did and so they finally credited me the difference and changed my plan to the slower speed.

     This is one of many example.

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