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Top Five Things NOT to do during Residency Interviews

These are actual things I have seen or heard 1st hand that people have done during Residency Interviews :

5. Don’t complain about the food:

I was at one interview where the candidate said the subs we ate that the

Medical Residency Interviews

Residency Interviews

program ordered were not very good. I cannot say for sure but I cannot imagine the residents were happy to hear that because I am sure the subs came from a place somebody recommended. You do not have to finish your meal, just take a few bites, eat some chips or a cookie and you can always eat on your own when you are done.

4. Don’t complain to the program coordinator that your diet restrictions were not accommodated:

I was eating lunch at one residency interview when a girl complained that there was not a vegetarian sandwich for her. She told the program coordinator. The program coordinator (PC) got defensive because the PC had emailed us twice prior to the interview asking if anyone had any food restrictions. This candidate never responded. She did not get a spot.

3. Don’t say you want a spot anywhere:

As much as you want programs to tell you that you are special and they really want you, programs want you to do the same. Programs have more options than candidates. For 4 spots you can see over 1000 applicants for some programs/specialties. I was with one candidate when we were getting a tour of a hospital who told the chief resident that they did not care where they got a residency spot, they just wanted one somewhere.

2. Do not pee on the toilet seat:

A program coordinator can make or break you, remember they are the gateway to the program director. One program coordinator told me how one candidate used the bathroom in the residency office and urinated all over the toilet seat. The program coordinator made a note of it and the information was relayed on. That person obviously did not get a spot.

1. Do not eat off a resident’s plate:

So I was doing a visiting rotation as a 4th year student during interview season. I interviewed there while I was rotating there. As a student you often times will be sitting with the residents in their resident room for a good portion of the day so you will here many of things they are talking about. So the night before, a couple of the resident went to the candidate dinner which many programs have. Apparently, one of the candidates took some food off one of the resident’s plates without asking. My guess is that she was trying to show how comfortable she was but who knows. The residents collectively had one vote and put her last purely based off that.

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