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Uploading undergraduate and non-medical school graduate transcripts into ERAS


ERAS – Uploading Schooling Graduate Transcripts


ERAS will NOT upload undergraduate and/or non-medical school graduate transcripts.

Why am I posting information about this and why did I ask ERAS?

A couple of residency programs I was researching to apply to, require, as part of their application, all your post secondary transcripts. They want official copies. Well, I was hoping my undergraduate university and post graduate school where I got my MBA could send the official copies to ERAS and so I would have it ready to submit for any other program I came across.

ERAS will ONLY process your medical school transcript.

Fortunately, I have done my undergraduate and MBA schooling in the US so there is a process in place for getting transcript. The problem is that the process is slow and sometimes takes weeks. Plus, there is the fee involved with each transcript sent that I was trying to avoid. Oh well.

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