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Medical School Blog - Services photoThe service we offer is simple. We serve as your personal guide starting from getting into medical school up through getting into residency. Our services are especially geared for US students going to other countries for their medical school. You can drop our services at any time. Everything below is offered for $149 per month.

What we offer is very straightforward:

1. Advice on which medical schools you should attend. This will be personalized based of your personal situation, high school grades, college grades, MCAT scores (if applicable), financial situation.

2. Give you advice on how to prepare for living in a new country/island

3. Give you advice on how to handle living on the island

4. Best books to use when on the island to help with your classes and preparation for the USMLE Step 1

5. How to best prepare for USMLE Step 1

6. How to arrange your clerkships/clinical rotations

7. How to schedule your clerkships/clinical rotations so that you make sure you finish them on time to be eligible to match through the NRMP

8. Which electives to take after you fulfill your school’s required core clerkships

9. How to schedule your 3 USMLE exams to make sure you have them done in a timely fashion

10. How to schedule all other elective clerkships

11. How to fill out the ECFMG student application for residency

12. How to apply to residency programs through AAMC/ERAS

13. Evaluation of Personal Statements for residency

14. Evaluation of resume

15. Best of all, we provide you timelines to get things done so you do not feel like you are on your own. We will be very specific and tell you the exact day you need to get things done

16. We are here to answer your questions as they come up and as you navigate through the maze of medical school and residency

What we do not do:

1. We are not a test preparation company. We will tell you about what we think are the best resources to use, but it is up to you to chose and purchase the ones you decide

2. Personal statement writers. We will review and make recommendations on your personal statement but we will not write them.

3. Guarantee anything. We cannot guarantee you will get into the school of your choice, pass any licensing exam, or get a residency. All we can do is help you on the path to achieve your goals.

4. We will not disseminate months worth of information in one month. We will guide you through on a proper timeline and answer questions at an appropriate timeline that fits your needs.

All these services for $149 per month. Let us captain your ship for as long as you need. We are available for your questions at any time via email when you are our client and we will respond to you within a couple of days.

Email us at admin [at] medicalschoolblog [dot] com for any questions or information on how to signup.

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