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Medical School: Dont Be Like Me

[caption id="attachment_613" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Medical School Education[/caption] Just like the title says, do not be like me. Really, it would be impossible to be like me. I went to medical school (basic sciences) with about 20 per semester with new students every semester so about 160 students at given time. I knew based on my interactions with each of them that I was smarter than 95% of th ...

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Caribbean Medical: Dismal Match Stats

[caption id="attachment_565" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Caribbean Medical[/caption] You wanna here an awesome stat. I started with 20 people in my Caribbean Medical class. 2 of us were eligible for the match in 4 years which is the normal time for a US student. Only one of us matched at the normal time. The person had 2 parents who were physicians who were pretty prominent people and was still unable ...

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The slow death of the Caribbean Medical Schools

[caption id="attachment_547" align="aligncenter" width="831"] Caribbean Medical Schools[/caption] 1. First off, many states are following the California list. If you are not aware, the California list is a list of approved medical schools. It basically includes all the US schools, every other country's schools except a handful in the Caribbean schools. My school was not on the Caribbean list so what does th ...

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What are Caribbean students like?

[caption id="attachment_482" align="aligncenter" width="410"] Caribbean students[/caption]   Were you ever a member of the Indian Student Association at any University. This is what your whole medical school will be. Almost every medical school in the Caribbean is heavily weighted to Indo Paks. I would estimate about 90%. You’ll see heavy advertising in Indian hot spots like Zee TV and TV Asia and publ ...

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Medical School – What Sub-internships and Rotations should you take based off your electives

[caption id="attachment_480" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Sub-internships and Rotations[/caption]   I used this good resource about Sub-internships and Rotations I found on the University of Michigan website which has various pdf documents giving you guidance on which electives you should take based off your residency choice: University of Michigan - Medstudent The only thing that I think will diff ...

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How are the exams?

[caption id="attachment_514" align="aligncenter" width="315"] exam[/caption]   I do not think the exam questions you take during the basic sciences portion of your Caribbean medical school experience differ much from your LCME-based student population. The textbooks used are similar to the recommended ones for US schools. The big difference is that I do not think the Caribbean students cover as much ma ...

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Paperwork to get to the country

[caption id="attachment_92" align="alignright" width="220"] paperwork[/caption] The paperwork is extensive.    The hardest part is getting an apostillized birth certificate. I did not know what this meant at first. Being born in England, that meant I had to get an official birth certificate from England and get it apostillized. Fortunately there are companies in England who will do the whole thing for you. ...

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Final Days

The last night on the island was a complete panic. I took a series of 1-hour naps since I was pressed for time. Learning all of the head and neck and reviewing a whole semesters worth of anatomy, histology, and embryology is a daunting task. Fortunately, by my calculations, I am in the top 25% of my class overall so I have some cushioning to do. A little worse on the final because I assume they will not fai ...

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Movin’ on up

With the family gone, I needed something to occupy my time so I decided to move to the resort across the street. I had a med school friend who lived there who said a couple places were opening up. The places were small one bedrooms where the living room was also the kitchen. But being alone, I really did not need much space. The price was $600/month which was only $50 more per month than what I was currentl ...

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Decision to Go to Medical School

Living in in North Carolina, beautiful daughter, beautiful wife, in the process of adopting a child, good friends around, business going well, and about to hit our 10th wedding anniversary. The downside of my work is that I cant go too far away from a computer for an extended period of time which means I rarely vacation and when I do, I usually work from the hotel during the day while the ladies go out. For ...

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